A hilarious meme involving The Invisible Man and Guardians of the Galaxy has received James Gunn's approval. Blumhouse recently released their long-awaited take on the classic Universal Monsters character and it has been a big hit at the box office. Elisabeth Moss stars in the horror thriller and she has been receiving a lot of praise for her performance in the movie, which often found her acting all by herself. But now, some comedy has been thrown into the mix.

A new meme featuring Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy has started to spread around social media. Drax has taken the place of The Invisible Man in the meme and Elisabeth Moss looks terrified as the Marvel Cinematic Universe character tries his hardest to be invisible.

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James Gunn shared the meme with a simple, "lol." Dave Bautista's Drax has become a fan-favorite character in the MCU and he often steals the scenes he's in. This particular meme is referencing a scene in Infinity War where he claimed to have learned the art of invisibility, only to be foiled by Mantis.

Elisabeth Moss's Cecilia character did an excellent job by herself in The Invisible Man, but Drax probably would have been a good help in fighting off her ex-husband. MCU fans are waiting to find out the next time that Dave Bautista will be back as the character, along with the rest of the Guardians. Thanks to Vin Diesel, we may finally know. According to the Fast and Furious star, some of the Guardians will be included in Thor: Love and Thunder, which makes sense, considering the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame.

We last saw Drax and crew hanging with The God of Thunder on board the Benatar as they try to figure out what to do next. Star-Lord undoubtedly wants to look for Gamora, but it's unclear where they will drop Thor off. It's possible that New Asgard will need his help, which may mean he'll have to get back into fighting shape. Thor was a bit on the larger side the last time we saw him, so maybe Drax can help to get the warrior back into his "angel man" physique. A Drax and Mantis movie has been discussed and James Gunn says it's not out of the question.

The Invisible Man is currently in theaters and James Gunn just wrapped principal photography on The Suicide Squad. As for Dave Bautista, he's currently doing press for My Spy, which has just been delayed again, but this time because of the coronavirus. He'll be seen later this year in Denis Villeneuve's highly anticipated remake of Dune. The movie will undoubtedly be huge and Bautista has a significant part. From there, he'll more than likely prepare to get into Drax shape again. You can check out the hilarious meme featuring Drax as The Invisible Man below, thanks to James Gunn's Twitter account.