It looks like there may be some Goodfellas similarities in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman after all. Producer on the project, Jane Rosenthal, states that both movies have a great sense of humor, despite Scorsese's long-time editor Thelma Schoonmaker trying to get away from the comparisons to the iconic director's earlier work. With the same actors and director on board, there are sure to be some similarities, and being compared to Goodfellas is definitely not a bad thing at all. However, Schoonmaker was emphasizing The Irishman is very much its own thing.

The Irishman will get a theatrical debut and Jane Rosenthal believes Martin Scorsesefans are going to want to see this one on the big screen as opposed to Netflix at home. To drive her point home, the producer compared the experience to laughing at home by yourself vs. going to a theater. It's a good comparison, but many Scorsese fans were probably already aiming to see the movie on the big screen. Rosenthal explains.

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"There will be some sort of theatrical component. You have to have that. It's a different experience than watching it at home. In a theater, you may start to laugh at something because the people next to you are laughing - and The Irishman is very funny, much like Goodfellas was funny."

Netflix has announced The Irishman will have a theatrical component, but the details have not been revealed as of this writing. The movie will obviously be available on the streaming service, though it isn't clear if this particular project will get a theatrical release ahead of time. Netflix has shied away from doing that in the past, giving their subscribers the first chance to see their original content. Jane Rosenthal continued to talk about going to the movies to see The Irishman. She had this to say.

"Marty is a genius in the way his shots move. You see them differently on a big screen. I watched Roma in a theater, and the clarity of the black and white on a big screen was so beautiful. You miss that when you watch it at home on your computer. But at the same time you have a situation where audiences have more power than ever before over how they want to watch something."

The Irishman is expected to be a contender during awards season and the Academy Awards have been mentioned more than once when talking about the unreleased movie. Martin Scorsese is working closely with Industrial Light and Magic to get the de-aging technology on lock before they premiere it to an audience. Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino are all playing younger versions of themselves for a portion of the movie, so the de-aging technology is very integral to the storytelling.

Netflix has not yet set a release date for The Irishman. They have also not released a trailer yet. We were treated to a teaser during the Academy Awards, but it was all dialogue with some text on the screen, announcing the fall release with no concrete date. The movie already has a lot of hype surrounding it, so it's going to be very interesting to see how it is received upon its release. The interview with Jane Rosenthal was originally conducted by Variety.

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