Yes, The Island is about cloning, but don't let that stop you from going to see this movie. I'd like you to read a statement Producer Walter Parkes said about this film: "This movie is not intended to be a serious exploration of the moral issues surrounding cloning, but even when you try to avoid them, you can't. They permeate every scene and, in the end, that's okay."

And he's right! The movie is a very good look and fun look at a semi-serious topic. Ewen McGregor and Scarlett Johansson take the film to a different level. They're a fresh team of actors and paired very well together.

Without giving too much of the movie away, Ewen and Scarlett are among several thousand clones in the year 2050. They have no feelings, thoughts, memories - basically, their bodies with no brains. They live in a research lab where every day someone is the big winner and gets to go to 'The Island.' It's not until Ewen finds out that 'The Island' isn't all it's cracked up to be. He takes Scarlett with him and with the help of Steve Buscemi they escape the lab. Ok, I'm not going to give up anymore than that - you'll have to see it for yourself.

It's under the direction of Michael Bay where this film really gets going. Of course, Michael is the man behind "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys II," "The Rock" and "Armageddon," but with all those movies there's also been Jerry Bruckheimer. Not in this one - and maybe Michael should do that from now on. It's not that the other movies were bad, it's just they had a different feel. The Island is all Michael Bay - a great beginning, middle and end.

The climax of the film has a car chase that is fantastic! Lots of action, lots of camera movements and lots of destruction!! Michael used a special truck with many different camera on it. If you saw "Bad Boys II" then you'll remember the car chase in that - he used the same machine to shoot this one; they call it 'The Bay Buster.'

That's not the only action you'll see in this film. There's hand to hand fighting, flying cars, helicopters, a collapsing building insignia (you'll see what I mean). Great action sequences!

So with all this praise, you're probably wondering why I didn't rank it with 5 stars. Well, there's a few reasons - small, but they're noticable. There are some inconsistencies with people's dialogue and expressions and a large billboard of Steve Yzerman in the streets of Detroit. Ok, the movie was shot in Detroit, but is supposed to take place in Los Angeles. In one scene, you see in the distance a huge poster of Yzerman, who plays for the Detroit Red Wings (the hockey team).

I still think this a great movie! I would recommend this to all my friends and I hope you do the same. You'll enjoy the two hours in the theater and you'll probably be asking for more!

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