Jack Ryan Fans might be a little upset.

In a story from DVD Town, it looks like Paramount Home Entertainment's HD-DVD release on October 23 of The Jack Ryan Collection have left off a lot of important things.

It seems that the four titles in the collection, The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games, The Sum of All Fears "will feature Dolby TrueHD audio but no extras at all."

Update 10/19/08

According to The Digital Bits, it seems that a bunch of retailers have gotten a recall notice concerning The Jack Ryan Collection.

There is no word yet from the studio but the folks at The Digital Bits were lucky enough to get the email that Paramount sent to the retailers:

"Please be advised that there are typographical errors on the packaging for the Jack Ryan Special Collector's Edition HD-DVD. The packaging inadvertently notes special features that are not on the HD-DVD.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}As a result, this product is being recalled and street date is being delayed. We ask that you do not sell or rent this product to consumers and that you stop shipments to additional destinations. A Paramount Home Entertainment Representative will contact you with an RA number to facilitate sending the product back to Paramount Home Entertainment's manufacturing facility. Returned product should include any unit previously shipped to retailers or other destinations as well as your on-hand inventory. We will provide further information on the availability of new product shortly."

It seems that this is a case of miscommunication between what was listed to be on the HD-DVDs and what is actually on them.