Universal Pictures is lining up yet another Robert Ludlum adaptation, hiring screenwriter John Hlavin to write The Janson Directive.

The novel, which was published a year after Robert Ludlum's death in 2001, centers on Paul Janson, a former Navy SEAL and spy for the government agency Consular Operations. Now he makes his living as a security consultant, and takes on a job to rescue a prominent civilian. Things go south when Janson is targeted for assassination, and he follows the clues which uncover a massive conspiracy.

We reported back in June that John Hlavin will write the board game adaptation Risk for Sony Pictures. Ben Smith and Jeffrey M. Weiner will produce The Janson Directive for Captivate Entertainment. They are also producing the Robert Ludlum adaptation The Chancellor Manuscript and Universal's Jason Bourne spin-off, The Bourne Legacy.

No production schedule was released for The Janson Directive.