Experience film history on October 16 when Warner Home Video debuts on DVD the studio's landmark motion picture, The Jazz Singer, the first feature-length film with synchronized dialogue and musical sequences. The movie, which brought Broadway superstar Al Jolson "alive" and seemingly singing from the screen, was an immediate sensation when it opened in 1927 and created a revolution in the motion picture industry.

The Jazz Singer is available as a deluxe 3-disc 80th Anniversary Collector's Edition ($39.92 SRP), with the film immaculately restored and remastered from earliest surviving nitrate film elements and original Vitaphone sound-on-disc recordings. Hours of rare, and never-seen features include a myriad of vintage shorts and film excerpts, a radio show adaptation featuring Jolson, commentaries and a wealth of collectible memorabilia.

DVD Special Features:

Disc 1 - The Movie

* All new feature digital transfer and immaculately refurbished soundtrack from restored picture elements and original Vitaphone-Sound-on-Disc recordings

* Commentary by film historians Ron Hutchinson and Vince Giordano

* Collection of rare cartoons and shorts

* 1947 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast starring Al Jolson

* Jolson Trailer Gallery

Disc 2 - The Early Sound Era

* All-new feature-length documentary The Dawn of Sound: How Movies Learned to Talk

* Two rarely-seen Technicolor excerpts from Gold Diggers of Broadway

* Studio shorts celebrating the early sound era

* Finding His Voice (Western Electric animated promotional short)

* The Voice That Thrilled The World - Warner Bros. short about sound

* Okay for Sound - WB short celebrating the 20th anniversary of Vitaphone

* When Talkies Were Young - WB short looking back at the early talkies

* The Voice from the Screen - WB 'demonstration' film on Vitaphone technology and a look at the making of a Vitaphone short.


# Over 3 1/2 hours worth of rare, historic Vitaphone comedy and music shorts

Outstanding Collector's Edition Bonuses:

* Rarely seen behind-the-scenes Photo cards

* Original release Lobby card reproductions

* Original release Souvenir Program book reproduction

* Booklet with vintage document reproductions and DVD features guide

* Reproduction of post-premiere telegram from Al Jolson to Jack