The Jetsons: During a recent interview with IGN Filmforce, producer Denise Di Novi told the site her next project will be bringing a live-action adaptation of the retro cartoon, The Jetsons, to the big screen...

Catwoman producer Denise Di Novi advised us that she's moving ahead with what might be her next project, a live-action adaptation of the cartoon classic The Jetsons. She's producing the film along with Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Ms. Di Novi advised us that the most recent draft of the screenplay was penned by Sam Harper. His credits include Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married and Rookie of the Year.

Variety reported this past March that Adam Shankman (Bringing Down the House) will direct The Jetsons for Warner Brothers.

Harper's script should be going out soon with the biggest challenge now being the casting of George Jetson.

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