According to Variety, According to Variety, The Jim Henson Co. is planning to make a sequel to its 1982 fantasy classic The Dark Crystal.

Titled "The Power of the Dark Crystal," the new movie is written by David Odell (whose credits include the original film and "The Muppet Show") and Annette Duffy. No director is yet attached.

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The pic, which will start shooting this fall for delivery early in 2007, will combine live-action animatronic characters with CG animation to represent their world.

The story is set many years after the first film. Original heroes Jen and Kira are now king and queen, and must fight to save their kingdom when the crystal is once again split.

Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson will act as producers, with Brian Henson and Odyssey's Ralph Kamp and Louise Goodsill serving as exec producers.

The Dark Crystal created its own world. We are now going to fully explore this universe through the sequel film, which will be followed up with an animated series as well as interactive games and other media," said Lisa Henson.

Brian Henson added, "With the Jim Henson Co. celebrating its 50th anniversary, 'The Power of the Dark Crystal' is a wonderful tribute to our legacy of fantasy projects. The original film set a new standard for the genre and broke new ground in visual effects."

The original film was directed by Frank Oz and Jim Henson.