You can go to the center of the Earth in 3-D from your very own home this October. Journey to the Center of the Earth will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 28. These discs will also be packaged with four sets of 3-D glasses and they will include both the 2-D and 3-D versions of the film. The standard DVD will be priced at $28.99 SRP while the Blu-Ray will run for $35.99 SRP. The film stars Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson.

The Journey to the Center of the Earth

In the family adventure Journey to the Center of the Earth, three adventurers plunge deep into a strange new realm beneath the Earth's surface where they embark on an amazing voyage and find awe-inspiring sites amidst grave danger.

During a scientific expedition in Iceland, visionary scientist Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser), his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and their beautiful local guide, Hannah (Anita Briem), are unexpectedly trapped in a cave from which their only escape is to go deeper and deeper into the depths of the Earth. Traveling through never-before-seen worlds, the trio comes face-to-face with surreal and unimaginable creatures--including man-eating plants, giant flying piranha, glow birds and terrifying dinosaurs from days past. The explorers soon realize that as volcanic activity increases around them, they must find a way back to the earth's surface before it is too late.

With spectacular photo-real environments and revolutionary new filmmaking techniques, Journey to the Center of the Earth is an epic adventure that takes audiences directly into the heart of our heroes' voyage, bringing them along for a wild, visceral ride.

New Line Cinema and Walden Media present Journey to the Center of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser (Crash, The Mummy films), Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia) and Anita Briem ("The Tudors"). The film marks the big screen directorial debut of Academy Award-winning visual effects veteran Eric Brevig (Total Recall, Pearl Harbor).

A kinetic thrill ride that puts a contemporary twist on Jules Verne's original novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth is the first live-action, narrative motion picture to be shot in digital 3D.

Special Features

- Commentary by Brendan Fraser and filmmakers

- 3 featurettes

- Adventure at the Center of the Earth challenge

- Digital download of 2-D film (Blu-Ray only)