Production has resumed on esteemed director Peter Jackson's King Kong after a month long break and a new Production Diary is already online at This site describes what the production is currently filming. Here is an excerpt:

New York City circa 1933 comes alive in present day New Zealand! The first production diary of 2005 gets us knee deep into the NYC set! The extras walk the streets, steam flows out of the sewers; the depression is in full swing! Grant Major and Peter Jackson show every corner and alley of the set, including some of the work that is still ongoing, even with the cameras rolling elsewhere. We get to see some 'mood scenes' being shot, including protesters.
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In other Kong news, The Dominion Post is reporting on their recent production of newspapers created for the film, which turn back the clock to December of 1933...

Nine different New York broadsheet-size newspapers – the same size as The Dominion Post – and three tabloids were printed this week at the Fairfax New Zealand press in Petone.

Six months ago The Dominion Post's design centre – which creates many of the advertisements in the newspaper – was approached by a King Kong calligrapher to help design and print the props.

"They chose the headlines, searched through the library and found exact copies of the banners and then asked the designers to lay them out," design centre production manager Stephen Dodds said.

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