The Kissing Booth 2 released on Netflix recently, and quickly became the most-watched film on the streaming platform over the weekend, in addition to becoming one of Netflix's most-watched films of all time. A second sequel to the hit teen rom-com would be a no-brainer at this point. Joey King, who plays the lead role and also acts as executive producer, recently revealed that The Kissing Booth 3 has already been shot and is in post-production, to be released next year.

The first movie in the series, The Kissing Booth, told the story of Elle, played by Joey King, who has been best friends with Lee Flynn, played by Joel Courtney, her whole life, with part of the agreement in their relationship being a pact made never to date each other's relatives. Unfortunately, Elle has always nursed a crush on Lee's older brother Noah, played by Jacob Elordi. Over the course of a memorable summer, Noah and Elle draw closer together, with the former revealing his feelings for the latter, and the two finally get together.

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The Kissing Booth 2 takes the story of Noah and Elle forward with their relationship, with their perfect summer now over, and a possible breakup looming in the distance by the prospect of going to different colleges, and the arrival of charismatic new love interest Marco, who makes Elle have second thoughts about her feelings for Noah. The movie ends with a cliffhanger as Elle is contemplating whether to follow her best friend Lee to college at Berkeley or join Noah at Harvard.

While neither The Kissing Booth nor its sequel have managed to impress critics to any great extent, the franchise has proved hugely popular with its intended demographic of teen girls, prompting comparisons to Twilight in the process. The movie has also made stars of its lead cast, and helped Netflix secure a lucrative new swathe of the audience that may not be interested in their action and comedy fare.

While fans will no doubt be clamoring for The Kissing Booth 3 to be released as soon as it finishes post-production, Netflix will likely stick to its decision to launch the film next year. With the difficulties in starting production on new films and shows at the moment, the streaming giant will want to hold off on releasing all their new content at once.

Vince Marcello adapted and directed the first two films in The Kissing Booth through his Picture Loom banner, based on a set of novels that author Beth Reekles had originally self-published on Wattpad. The shooting for the upcoming third movie had been completed in tandem with the second one. Besides King, Elordi and Courtney, also back for The Kissing Booth 3 will be original castmembers Taylor Zakhar Perez, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Meganne Young and Molly Ringwald. Marcello wrote the script with Jay Arnold. Marcello produced with Michele Weisler, Ed Glauser and Andrew Cole-Bulgin. King and Adam Friedlander are the exec producers for the upcoming feature. This news comes from Deadline.