Horror fans rejoice as Joe Bob Briggs is coming back for another round of double features on Shudder very soon. The Last Drive-In season 2 is set to debut in April on the streaming service, as announced by Briggs personally. A brief trailer for the upcoming season has also been released, which sees Briggs brilliantly explaining the show for those who may not be familiar, or for those struggling to tell their friends and family members about it.

Shudder brought back the iconic host for this new show, which kicked off with a marathon in July 2018. It proved to be so successful that it crashed Shudder's servers. Season 1 rolled on rather successfully and, with that, we're getting season 2 starting on Friday, April 24. Taking to Twitter, Joe Bob Briggs shared a brief teaser, in which he, provides an excellent description of the show for his viewers who he lovingly jokes need to find a way to explain it to their parole officers.

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"We show some new movies, some old movies, some classic movies, some cult movies, some weird foreign movies, some obscure movies, pairing them up in double features that sometimes challenge logic and sanity. Then, drill down into the heart of those movies by ferreting out background on the filmmakers, background on the way the movies are produced, and we count the number of dead bodies."

The Last Drive-In season 2 will consist of ten episodes. The series will offer an eclectic selection of movies running the gamut from horror classics to obscurities and foreign cult favorites. The show will also feature the occasional surprise guest. None of the movies have been announced at this time, as Joe Bob Briggs likes to keep it a surprise each week.

Joe Bob Briggs became known to movie lovers through his days hosting Drive-In Theater. It ran for nearly ten years with Briggs as the host and was one of the highest-rated shows on The Movie Channel. Briggs then moved to TNT for four years as the host of MonsterVision. Briggs was also a commentator on The Daily Show for a little while, but Shudder brought him back to his horror roots for the streaming age.

For those who aren't already subscribed to Shudder, the horror-themed streaming service is offering up a deal right now for a free month. Normally, they only offer a seven-day trial, but given what's going on in the world right now, that has been extended. To get it, all you need to do is head to Shudder.com and use the code SHUTIN. After that, the service costs $5.99 per month. The Last Drive-In will air on Shudder's "Shudder TV" feed on Fridays at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT beginning on April 24. The season 2 finale will air on Friday, June 26.