CBS Films is celebrating Ash Wednesday today by debuting a new motion poster and two TV spots for The Last Exorcism Part II. The studio has also provided us with another batch of images from director Ed Gass-Donnelly's terrifying horror sequel, starring Ashley Bell as Nell Sweetzer, who tries to start fresh in New Orleans after the events portrayed in The Last Exorcism. Unfortunately for Nell, that pesky demon just doesn't want to go away quite yet. Take a look at the motion poster, TV spots, and photos from this terrifying follow-up.

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<strong><em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em></strong> Photo 1
<strong><em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em></strong> Photo 2
<strong><em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em></strong> Photo 3

We also have these five "Fascinating Facts about Exorcism," compiled by UCLA Associate ProfessorDr. Ysamur M. Flores-Peña to close out your Ash Wednesday.

  • 42% of Americans believe in possession by the devil.
  • - There are dozens of references of Jesus exorcising demons in the Gospels.
  • - Exorcisms can be done on inanimate objects or places as well as on people. These need not be "real exorcisms" but can be "simple exorcisms" (usually thought of as baptizing the infant or "blessing" the house or place).
  • - By conservative estimates, there are at least five or six hundred evangelical exorcism ministries in operation today, and quite possibly two or three times this many.
  • - The Catholic Church has at least 10 official exorcists in the US.

The Last Exorcism Part II Motion Poster and Two TV Spots