We have been directed to a brand new viral website that has popped up for The Last Exorcism, which will arrive in theaters nationwide on August 27. Take a look at the image we received via email - which is made to look like an email from Patrick Fabian's character, Reverend Cotton Marcus - and take a look below at the details for this new viral website.

<strong><em>The Last Exorcism</em></strong> Viral Site

This new website at ChurchOfStMarks.com is set up just like a regular church website, complete with times for church services and bible studies, a calendar of events, sermon excerpts and a bio for Reverend Cotton Marcus along with an email address to "contact" the church. There are also several "informative" articles posted on the site, covering such topics as how to avoid demonic possession, a history of exorcism, a how-to article about caring for the possessed along with an exorcism test and an application form to fill out if you are in need of an exorcism.

The site also features a number of videos featuring "Father Rufus Pereira, deputy president of the International Association of Exorcists," a link to Marcus' Twitter page and much more.

There is also a "special event" that is listed on the site for Thursday, June 24, which is described on the website as, "Thursday night special event with Reverend Marcus," but is really the world premiere of The Last Exorcism during the Los Angeles Film Festival. The premiere will take place at the Ford Amphitheatre on June 24th at 8:30pm and, if you're in the L.A. area, you can CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for the event.

CLICK HERE to check out this new viral site for yourself.