Kelly Marie Tran reveals she went to a therapist after The Last Jedi online harassment. Rian Johnson's take on the Star Wars universe wasn't exactly what a lot of fans were expecting. Johnson subverted the mythology and did his own thing with it, which many have praised the director for. However, there are still more than a few who don't like it at all and took out their frustrations online. Tran found herself as a social media punching bag, and was trolled 24/7.

Kelly Marie Tran ended up deleting her social media accounts because the negativity was getting to be too much to take. Daisy Ridley did the same thing after The Force Awakens. Tran's Rose Tico character in The Last Jedi was specifically targeted by trolls and the attacks took their toll, so Tran sought professional help. She explains.

"I feel great now. I've been to therapy, which I highly recommend. Also just the transition of what it was like. I was very much someone who was working a day job, struggling to be an actor, and suddenly, I was in Star Wars. I think that sort of transition takes a lot of emotional work, if that makes sense. But I'm in a really good place now. I'm excited for this movie to come out. I'm excited to be working with [director] J.J. Abrams. I'm doing great."

Even though the backlash surrounding The Last Jedi was huge, Kelly Marie Tran went to therapy to deal with joining such a big franchise. There's a lot of good that comes with being attached to a Star Wars movie, but it could also prove to be a little on the overwhelming side these days. Back when Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford got their start, there was no social media. They were huge movie stars that had a bit more privacy than stars do today.

John Boyega recently commented on the social media treatment of Star Wars. "For those who are not mentally strong, you are weak to believe in every single thing that you read," said Boyega and many believed he was talking about Kelly Marie Tran. However, the actor has since apologized and states he was not talking about her experience. He declares, "In no way was I referring to Kelly when I made my comments although the interviewer mentioned her given the topic." Boyega went on to say, "Sometimes I've felt strong and sometimes I've felt weak. Badly worded though. I apologize."

Regardless, Kelly Marie Tran is doing much better now. The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters next week and, for the most part, Star Wars fans are excited to see how the Skywalker Saga will come to an end. It will be interesting to see how the threequel received upon its release and the weeks following. Hopefully it won't get the same response as The Last Jedi for Tran. You can check out the interview with Tran above, thanks to the Good Morning America YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick