The Last Samurai: Burbank, CA, February 12, 2004 -- The critically acclaimed epic, The Last Samurai, debuts May 4 on a double-disc DVD and on VHS from Warner Home Video. Nominated for four Academy Awards® (including Best Supporting Actor, Ken Watanabe) and three Golden Globe Awards (including Best Actor, Tom Cruise), The Last Samurai is a “masterpiece” (Access Hollywood) from acclaimed director Edward Zwick (Glory, Legends of the Fall) and also stars Timothy Spall (Nicolas Nickelby), Billy Connolly (White Oleander) and Tony Goldwyn (An American Rhapsody).

The two-disc DVD makes history with spectacular bonus features such as a director’s video journal, a History Channel documentary, a making-of-an-epic featurette with Edward Zwick and Tom Cruise, a tour of the sets and inside look at production design, costuming and weapons, additional scenes and more.

The Last Samurai will be available at $29.95 SRP on a two-disc DVD in both widescreen and full frame formats. VHS will be priced for rental.

The epic war drama The Last Samurai received praise from critics nationwide. Hailed as a film that “demands our surrender” (Time Magazine), The Last Samurai is “beautifully designed, intelligently written, acted with conviction” (Chicago Tribune) and is “majestic in scale and scope” (Access Hollywood).

The two-disc DVD release of The Last Samurai is loaded with breathtaking bonus features:

Disc One

- Theatrical Film

- Commentary by Edward Zwick

Disc Two

- Tom Cruise: A Warrior's Journey

- Edward Zwick: Director's Video Journal

- Making an Epic: A Conversation with Edward Zwick and Tom Cruise

- History vs. Hollywood: The Last Samurai {History Channel Documentary)

- A World of Detail: Production Design with Lilly Kilvert

- Silk and Armor: Costume Design with Ngila Dickson

- Imperial Army Basic Training

- From Soldier to Samurai: The Weapons

- Deleted Scenes

- Japan Premieres {Tokyo & Kyoto red carpet)

- Theatrical Trailer