The Last Samurai: According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Last SamuraiM, starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe, charged its way to the top of the home video sell-through and rental charts during its debut week in release, generating about $13 million in rental revenue alone. Warner Home Video's actioner was the top-selling DVD in the nation for the week ending May 9, according to Nielsen VideoScan's First Alert DVD sales chart.

Warner doesn't release sales numbers, but according to industry estimates, "Samurai" sold more than 3.5 million units to consumers and rental stores during its first week in release. Universal Studios Home Video's "Peter Pan" sold through more than 1 million combined VHS and DVD units during its first 24 hours in release last week and was the nation's best-selling videocassette, according to VideoScan First Alert VHS sales chart.