Indiana Jones 4:The Indy Experience posted some possible production news on the 4th Indiana Jones film today:

The current rumor going around is that pre-production has indeed begun on the 4th Indiana Jones film. RELATED: The Story Behind Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Being Banned in India

* Artists have begun work on story boards and concept artwork for Indy IV.

* Vic Armstrong has been contacted about Indy IV, but so far no word on if he has taken a job on the film or not.

* Harrison Ford is going to begin training for Indiana Jones IV at the beginning of 2004.

* Ford has also been very anxious to begin work on Indy IV. (Wonderful to hear!)

* Filming of Indy IV will begin sometime in 2004, either in June or late summer.

* And finally, the latest word on the release date of Indy IV has it set to release between May of 2005 - December of 2005.

Thanks to CS! for the heads up!