Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Continuing our Lord Of The Rings hype, today we have even more links to press junket interviews, world premiere stuff from New York!

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In Lord Of The Rings news, the IMDB got a quote from Peter Jackson about his possible involvement in bringing an adaptation of "The Hobbit", which proceeds the events of Fellowship Of The Ring, to the big screen.

Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson has rubbished claims he plans to follow up the fantasy trilogy by making a movie of the JRR Tolkien novel The Hobbit. After finishing work on the third film in the series Return Of The King, next year many expected Jackson to turn to The Hobbit and make a prequel. But the New Zealander insists he has no plans to return to Middle Earth when the trilogy is completed. Jackson says, "If I didn't make it, someone else would and I could just pay 12 dollars and go to the cinema to watch it. I wouldn't have to do all the hard work.

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