Cats & Dogs 2:Moviehole had the opportunity to talk to animation supervisor Todd LaBonte – from Tippett Studios – about the current status of “Cats and Dogs 2”.

A year or so back, the trades announced that it was full speed ahead on a follow-up to the surprise family hit – about a raging war between felines and K-9’s – but we’ve heard very little of it since. “There is a sequel – we did tests for it like two years ago – but it’s been put on the backburner. We’ve got a different cast of cats and dogs this time”, tells LaBonte.

Apparently the sequel is still going to happen but it won’t be with the same voice cast now. Someone named Tobey Maguire has become slightly more well-known since he voiced the lead character in the film it seems. “Yeah No Tobey, an all new voice-cast I think”.

Meanwhile, LaBonte says he’s been working on “Constantine”, “Son of Mask” (working on The Mask’s ‘Dog’) and in January, will re-team with Guillermo Del Toro for “Hellboy 2”. “We get along so well with Del Toro so I’m really looking forward to it”.

And although he’s not working on it, LaBonte says he’s seen some of what they’re developing for WB’s “Superman” and it looks amazing.

Thanks to 'Clint'