Southland Tales and The Contortionist's Handbook:Dark Horizons has picked up on some news on Donnie Darko director, Richard Kelly, and his latest projects...

"Rumour has it that early filming for scenes from "Southland Tales" were shot over the July 4th weekend at an undisclosed location in LA to take advantage of the holiday's festivities. The bulk of filming is expected to take place in August.

Meanwhile, author Craig Clevenger recently announced on his website that Richard Kelly is set to direct and adapt his novel, "The Contortionist's Handbook." Richard and his producing partner, Sean McKittrick, are currently finalizing arrangements for the film's financial backing.

The novel is a character study of a brilliant, damaged man named John Dolan Vincent who struggles with mental illness and substance abuse as he bounces in and out of prison and a series of hospitals around Los Angeles".