Superman, Batman, Gremlins 3:Dark Horizons got a scoop today about 3 very interesting projects that could possibly making their way to the big screen:

"Heard a few days back that Jonathan Frakes isn't doing "Superman". Back to square one it seems. I assume he's too busy - obviously not showing much interest anyway. No casting yet either, no-one. Wouldn't be surprised if the whole project crash and burns, disappointing. 'Batman' update - still Nolan, still Goyer, still Kutcher as the frontrunner, though nothing official yet [which explains the recent denials such as those to E! Online]. One bit of interest : Veteran Michael Gough might be reprising his role of Alfred. That'd mean he's appeared in every Bat feature. More of a 'possibility' than anything, Joe Dante has apparently been contacted about doing a new "Gremlins" movie. It's come up a few times and the main reason he's not jumping on is becuase the studio want it to be CGI - Dante would rather ol fashion; animatronic etc - as I'm sure we all would. I'm sure they'll do it anyway [it's happened before - hello T3?] Cute little Gizmo dolls in stores again"
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Thanks to the scooper and Dark Horizons!