Curious George:Variety ran an article over the weekend about the current production status of the adaptation of the classic children's book, Curious George, which Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's production company, Imagine Enetertainment, are going full steam ahead with. A recent decision has the film being produced as 2D animated movie, instead of the originally proposed \3D CGI version.

"I think we finally have the right approach, and we got incredibly lucky getting Will (Ferrell)," who will voice the Man in the Yellow Hat.

2-D gives the project "kind of a retro vibe," observes Howard, who thought Disney's "Brother Bear" was a "real solid" movie and rejects the notion that 2-D is dead.

"Looks and approaches don't go away, they just become one of the options," he muses. "This is driven by the character, just as 'The Grinch' was driven by the character. We weren't driven by the medium."

And Parent observes that "2-D is the truest representation of the character in the book. 2-D is a great way to preserve the look, the style." Illustrations in the books were mostly drawn with watercolors, making 2-D appealing.