Elizabethtown: The Lexington Herald recently revealed the production status of the next Cameron Crowe film, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst...

Scenes for a major motion picture written and directed by Cameron Crowe — the man who brought Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky and Almost Famous to theaters — might be filmed in Versailles and Lexington, as well as other Kentucky locations.

Dan Gorman, a location scout for Paramount Pictures, confirmed yesterday that he has visited Versailles and Lexington as possible sites for shooting the movie with the working title Elizabethtown. But he couldn't say whether those cities will actually be used as locations.

"I'm not at liberty to let them know," Gorman said. "I'm not sure why, but that's the way they (Paramount) want it and I have to do what they say."

Gorman did say that Elizabethtown's Public Square will be the site of one day's shooting on July 20. "In fact, that's where I'm standing right now," Gorman said. "I'm now measuring the street to make a big map of the downtown area."

Versailles Mayor Fred Siegelman said yesterday that the shooting of some scenes there "is a possibility."

"There's been talk, but nothing has been etched in stone here yet," Siegelman said. He said it will be up to the "bigwigs who produce and put the movie together to determine whether they want to come. But no one has talked with me directly that this is a definite, done deal."

Edith Dupin, president of the Elizabethtown-Hardin County Chamber of Commerce, said the movie production company was specifically looking for a cemetery and a funeral home in their scouting visits.

Clark Funeral Home -- formerly known as Duell-Clark Funeral Home -- on Rose Hill Avenue in Versailles is reportedly one site considered for filming. Asked about that this week, co-owner Dorsey Clark would only say, "I'm not at liberty to discuss it. ... I can't mention a word."

Niki Heichelbech, communications manager for the Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau, said "I believe there was some scouting done" in Lexington, "but I can't say anything definitive on that."

The Web site for the Kentucky Film Office says the movie will be shot in "the Louisville area." Louisville is the site for Saturday's open casting call for non-speaking extras. Todd Cassidy, director of the Kentucky Film Office, said several other Kentucky communities have been scouted.

"There is a lot of speculation out there," Cassidy said. "And we are standing firm on the fact that the production company has asked us to maintain confidence, and we have to do that.'