Exorcist: The Beginning: New news from the production front of the upcoming Exorcist prequel hit the web today thanks to a scoop over at Dark Horizons. Take a look:

"Shooting starts December 8th at Cinecitta Studios in Rome. Vittorio Storaro is shooting, Mark Goldblatt is editing, and Skip Woods ("Swordfish") is doing substantial amounts of re-writing to deliver a dilm going deep into the mythology behind the first and original "Exorcist". RELATED: 5 Fun Rip-Offs of The Exorcist

The locals are describing it as a character study with very scary under currents. It doesn't rely on gore per se, but it will introduce several never before seen set pieces. The scale of the shoot has grown significantly, and looks now like it'll be at least six weeks with just a very small amount of the original movie ending up being used. Big sets have been erected at Cine Citta in preparation, and casting for new roles is on going in several countries apparently".