The Phantom Of The Opera:The ZReview recently got a great scoop on the current status of The Phantom Of The Opera production. Take a look:

"They've built a 750 seater theatre on one of stages. Proper horseshoe shaped stalls and circles set out in boxes facing a stage with wings and huge stage machinery. Behind the stage there are props and scenery docks and at the back there are dressing rooms and a stable. The stable lead on to a little exterior building for the outside of the stage door. On another stage they have started building the set of the foyer of the Opera Populaire, a quadrangle type space with a staircase which leads up from the middle of the room and then splits going up to either side of one wall. There is a gallery going all around the foyer. The entrance to the Opera is opposite the end of the staircase and the entrance to the stalls is underneathe the staircase if you know what I mean. I've only seen the model of the foyer so I don't know what the colours are but the theatre is a standard red and gold. The pillars in the theatre that separate the boxes and hold up the circles are golden and in the shape of bare breasted women in that standard 19th century sexless style".