Riddick: Tons of news of expectations from the Pitch Black sequel, Riddick, spewed from the motuh of JoBlo today, as the site sat down to talk with writer / director, David Twohy. Here's the latest...

This Wednesday at midnight, the old PITCH BLACK website (www.pitchblack.com) will be transformed into a dimensional portal that will take you on a fly-by of one (yes, just one, folks) of the worlds in the RIDDICK universe RELATED: Chronicles of Riddick 4 Script Comes in Next Week Teases Vin Diesel

* On Monday/Tuesday the 15th/16th of December, the film's first trailer will hit Apple Trailers, followed shortly by its addition to the Return Of The King theatrical prints on the 17th. The trailer will provide a sneak look at some of the other worlds and characters from the film

* Sometime in the spring, the official website will allow everyone to join in a bounty hunt for Richard B. Riddick himself through the site. The person who finds him first...is invited to the film's premiere in June. Sweet.

* RIDDICK is set to be released on June 11, 2004