Universal Pictures has hired Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) to write the screenplay for The Legend of Conan, which has Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star.

The project first took shape last October, shepherded by Fast & Furious 7 writer Chris Morgan. It was his idea to tie this project into the original Conan The Barbarian, which ended with the title character sitting on his throne. This story will focus on the barbarian king later in life, and his efforts to stay atop the throne by taking out anyone who gets in his way.

Conan The Barbarian producer Fredrik Malmberg is producing for Paradox Entertainment, which owns the rights to the original Robert E. Howard novels, along with Chris Morgan and Emile Gladstone. Here's what Chris Morgan had to say about Andrea Berloff

"(Andrea Berloff is) an amazing writer who can juggle masculine grittiness with extreme emotional depth. Her take on Conan is powerful and genuine and would make Robert E. Howard proud."

Andrea Berloff also wrote Straight Outta Compton for New Line Cinema, and she is currently working on a re-telling of King Arthur's story for Disney.