Back in October, we reported the exciting news that Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning as Conan The Barbarian in the Universal Pictures sequel The Legend of Conan, with Chris Morgan (The Fast and the Furious 6) attached to produce. Today, the writer-producer revealed that he convinced Arnold Schwarzenegger to come on board by presenting the project as a reunion with an old friend.

"(It's) not a reboot, not a remake. Just an update. Where has the character been all this time? A catch-up with Conan."
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The story will take place during Conan's reign over his mystical kingdom, where he isn't fighting physical battles anymore.

"He's not going out and fighting battles, but he ends up getting drawn into something. And he has to access the barbarian he was in his youth. I love that Conan has been many things in his life, notably a pirate, a major tactician and a commander of men. In this movie, we're going to tap into some of those things - things you haven't seen on screen yet."

The producer also revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be presented in a manner befitting his actual age, instead of using CGI-enhanced muscle tone.

"I want the warrior whose joints have started to fuse together, who has to crack the cartilage so he can pick up a sword again. I want the guy who's not necessarily lost a step, but there's some rust he has to shake off. I want to embrace that. It makes it a greater hero story. Conan needs to be faced with challenges. The greatest challenge to him isn't the armies that are set before him. It's, on some level, self-doubt, a little bit of slowing down and forcing yourself to be heroic beyond what people expect of you. What I don't want is for him to step back in and look the same. That would defeat the purpose of our story."

While Chris Morgan is attached to produce, he may or may not be involved in writing the screenplay, but either way, he'll be with the project from beginning to end.

"No matter what, I'll be there every step of the way. Whether it's penning this quickly or selecting the writer, it's me guiding the process or being a real honest-to-god producer. I'm excited either way. I'm really, really stoked."