For those hoping to see your favorite detectives Riggs and Murtagh on the silver screen again, it seems that won't come to pass. Moviehole recently spoke with writer-director Shane Black who confirmed that his Lethal Weapon 5 script, which he was going to direct, is in fact dead.

Black wouldn't give reason for the new film's death, but just would say he didn't believe it would ever happen. The site also reports that other reports claim star Mel Gibson's refusal to return to the series is the main reason this new film won't happen. The site also revealed a source at Warner Bros. confirmed the news.

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A contact at Warner Bros agreed with Black, saying "That one is as good as dead. It won't happen. Which is a pity" he said, adding that Black's screenplay - which reportedly involved Riggs and Martaugh teaming with the latter detective's grown-up son, now also a copper, to catch a scumbag, was "fabulous. A much better send off than [Number 4]".

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