Disney has started to let us see more of their upcoming remake of The Lion King over the past week. At the beginning of the week, some excellent cast posters were unveiled, featuring the actors facing off with their characters. And now, Seth Rogen has given us a new clip, which gives us a better idea of Timon and Pumbaa's personalities this time around. With Aladdin crossing the $900 million mark at the box office, The Lion King is preparing to possibly exceed that number.

While we've seen a lot of promotional material for The Lion King centering on Simba, this is some of the first to shift that focus on fan-favorites Timon and Pumbaa. Seth Rogen's voice is pretty much perfect for Pumbaa and the new clip lets his personality come through, especially when they're teaching Simba how to eat the "local" bugs. These aren't some farm fresh bugs, they're local because, as Pumbaa says, "they're from right there."

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The Lion King clip also shows off just how amazing the CGI is in the movie. When it was first announced, many were under the assumption that it was going to be a live action remake. However, that really isn't possible when working with real lions or warthogs. Instead, Jon Favreau shot the project like he was making a movie, which is some of the same technology he utilized when making The Jungle Book remake. The results look stunning and Disney fans should be pretty happy with what they end up seeing on the big screen.

Simba appears to be in good hands in the latest look at The Lion King Remake. The movie hits theaters later this month and is on track to make a killing at the box office. Initial estimates had it in the $150 million to $200 million range and now it's looking like it will be possibly upwards of $200 million. The Aladdin remake promo material wasn't as well received as Disney had hoped, but it didn't matter when it was finally released in theaters. The same can be said about The Lion King, but Disney fans are already starting to get majorly hyped for what Jon Favreau has cooked up.

The Lion King Remake hits theaters on July 19th and it has already been breaking pre-sale records. While box office tracking has been a bit hit or miss this summer, the remake looks like it should be able to hold strong and become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, movies of the summer. Spider-Man: Far From Home opened in theaters earlier this week and has been doing better than expected, so there is hope for The Lion King reboot when it opens in a few weeks. Early reactions and reviews will also be key to the movie's success, as long as they are positive. You can check out The Lion King clip below, thanks to Seth Rogen's Twitter account.