It looks like Disney has another hit on its hands with The Lion King remake. The first reactions are in and they're mostly positive, with many viewers praising the stunning visuals. The world premiere was held last night in Hollywood and most of the cast was in attendance as the highly anticipated movie screened for the first time publicly. With that being said, many fans have wondered if the movie is a shot-for-shot remake of the iconic animated original.

Disney hit some controversy when the first trailer for The Lion King was released late last year. A lot of fans criticized it for not being live-action and for the fact that it looked exactly like the original. Well, from the first reactions to the movie, it looks like it is very similar to the animated classic, which is pretty much impossible not to do, and it's obviously very emotional. For some, the familiarity was welcome, and for others, it was not, but that is always the case when Disney releases a new remake of their classic material.

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The Visual effects already have a lot of people wanting to head into theaters to check out The Lion King. According to the first reactions, the CGI is "stunning" and "breathtaking," which is pretty much what everybody was expecting. Director Jon Favreau used cutting edge techniques to make the project, including shooting it as if it were a live-action movie. Another factor that comes into play is the music. Thankfully, the first reactions say the musical elements of the remake are on point. Having Beyoncé and Donald Glover on board should be an indicator that the soundtrack will also be a hit.

As for some differences to the original Lion King, Beyoncé's Nala has a bit larger of a part this time around. But other than that, the early reactions are saying that the remake is remarkably similar to the original. Disney more than likely knew making remakes of their beloved classics would prove to be divisive down the road and there really is no avoiding it. Some fans will be happy that the movie is so similar to the source material and others will criticize it for not stepping outside the lines more. It's a no-win situation.

Despite similarities to the original, The Lion King is already being hailed as a groundbreaking visual masterpiece. The early reactions to the remake prove that the movie will more than likely see some criticism upon its release next week and that is to be expected. The project is being praised for the emotional element, mixed with how it looks and the music used, but will that be enough for the box office when all is said and done? While we don't have crystal ball, it looks like Disney will end up with a pretty big hit on their hands.