Another direct-to-DVD release finds its way to the top of the charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning was the top-selling DVD for the week ending August 31. The straight-to-video Disney film held off some stiff competition from the theatrical comedy What Happens in Vegas and the four-disc set of Heroes: Season 2, which finished in second and third on the sales charts, respectively.

Another new release, The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition finished in fourth place on the sales charts while last week's top seller, Camp Rock, slipped to fifth place in its second week.

What Happens in Vegas claimed the rental title for the week. Last week's top renter, Street Kings, slipped to second place on the rental charts.

The Nightmare Before Christmas topped the Blu-Ray charts this week, with Heroes: Season 2 finishing in a strong second place with What Happens in Vegas taking third place in 1080p sales.