Disney has a way of proving that some things get better with age!

Disney's Ariel, The Little Mermaid, proved to be the most well-known red head, in a recent study conducted by Omnibus Operations: Ipsos North America. The animated character (who has her own U.S. postage stamp) was better known than such modern day red heads as Sarah Ferguson (former Duchess of York), Pippy Longstocking (popular children's literary and film character), Julianne Moore (The Hours, The Big Lebowski), and Debra Messing (TV's "Will & Grace").

Red heads were also most perceived as "unique," according the study. "Feisty" was the second-most common perception, followed by "smart" and "sexy." "Nerdy" was the least-perceived trait, with only 3% of total respondents identifying red heads with it.

Respondents were asked why they would not dye their head red. Adding to the "unique" factor, the majority reason was because they were afraid that red hair would not go with their skin tone.

Another red head fact that many don't know is: Ariel was almost not a red head! When the Little Mermaid character first came to Disney, her "look" went through an early design process. Of course, her red hair won out. For fans worldwide, Ariel is an icon of red-headedness - a unique, feisty character beloved by millions.

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