A brand new trailer from The Lodge is here. This is one of those horror movies that is sort of building up some momentum, or at least it appears to be, in the same way that movies like Hereditary have in recent years. Debut at a major film festival (in this case Sundance) to rave reviews, lead a mysterious and intriguing marketing campaign in the months that follow, then release the flick to the moviegoing public. That's not to say this will garner the same level of success as something like Hereditary, but it certainly seems to have a similar potential trajectory laid out.

The trailer starts off with a family trying to put the pieces together, as a father has found happiness in the arms of a woman who isn't his children's mother. So, they take a snowy, mountain vacation in order to try and bond a little bit. Yes, there are some The Shining vibes going on here and it's effective. Things get extra creepy and devolve rapidly once the father has to leave for a few days. We then lead up to a series of horribly unsettling shots, with very little context. It's very hard to discern what is going on, all we know is that none of what's going on is good for anyone involved. In two words? It's dark and mysterious.

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Riley Keough, who moviegoers may know from Magic Mike or Mad Max: Fury Road, leads The Lodge as the new mother figure. This actually seems to bare at least a little similarity, in terms of tone, to one of her previous horror efforts, It Comes at Night. The rest of the cast is also impressive, with Richard Armitage (The Hobbit trilogy}), Jaeden Martell (IT) and Lia McHugh (Along Came the Devil) on board. Somewhat surprisingly, Clueless star Alicia Silverstone is also apparently in it.

The Lodge centers on a pair of siblings Aidan and Mia, who remain devoted to their real mother. Meanwhile, Grace, the younger woman their father plans to marry, becomes the source of their resentment. The two reject Grace's attempts to bond with them as they dig up dirt on her tragic past. However, they find themselves trapped with her, snowed in at a remote holiday getaway after their dad is forced to head back to the city for work. Bizarre and terrifying happenings begin to occur, drumming up demons from Grace's dark past.

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, the directing duo behind 2014's Goodnight Mommy, helmed the movie. Critics who have screened it thus far have generally been kind, as it currently boasts an 81 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Will this be the sleeper horror hit of 2019? The Lodge doesn't yet have a release date locked down, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out the answer to that question. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the NEON YouTube channel below.

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