Production is currently under way on Disney's The Lone Ranger, which is shooting in New Mexico and various other locales, working towards a May 31, 2013 release date. Actor Armie Hammer recently revealed that this adventure will answer all sorts of burning questions for The Lone Ranger fans, like where his iconic mask actually came from.

"There's an explanation behind the mask. All the questions like, 'Where does this come from? Why does he use this? Why the silver bullets?' All of that stuff is answered."

The Lone Ranger was almost shut down due to budgetary issues, but even though the pressure is on to deliver with a lesser budget, Armie Hammer revealed it's a very comfortable set.

"This is a big-budget movie, you're right, and I was nervous, up until lunch on the first day. I was waiting in line for food and I thought, 'This feels just like a bunch of dudes in a room with a camera making a movie.' It doesn't feel cumbersome in any way."

The actor also revealed that they also reinvent the classic "hi-ho Silver" line.

"It's less of a 'hi-ho,' and more of a 'yo.'"

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