/looper-launches-official-website/Last Month we reported that Sony Pictures was developing a interactive website for Rian Johnson's sci-fi action film Looper. Today they have officially launched the site which allows fans to sign on and create digital Loopers.

After logging in, you can upload a photo for your avatar and choose your equipment for the online social game. Missions are being made available on August 22nd. You also receive a message from Jeff Daniels' character, Abe, thanking you for accepting their proviso.

Congratulations for accepting our proviso.

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You are now one of the elite, one of the privileged class of Loopers who has been given a chance to thrive in this gutter of a world. I'm from the future, and if you think it's bad now, believe me- it only gets worse. You're going to want to use this new wealth I'm putting into your hands to prepare yourself and possibly brush up on your Mandarin.

This job isn't for the weak. We value Loopers who aren't afraid to face each day like it might be their last, because some day, you might have to face yourself.

Follow the link to finish your profile, grab a blunderbuss, and get ready- you're going to hit the ground running.

Welcome to the Looper Network. From now on, I'm the most important person in your life.