Lost Boys 2:Counting Down recently received some new rumors surrounding The Lost Boys 2...

Guys, I work in PR here in NYC and might be able to shed a little more light on the Lost Boys item. This was going to be an almost 'independent' sequel with a fresh-faced cast in 2002 - how its changed since then. Its actually been in the works for a good two or three years now, so dont expect it anytime real soon. I had four relative unknowns near tied up for roles in the film - then called "Lost Girls" - until that incarnation fell apart and the studio decided to start again, with a straight sequel. They've been tossing and turning over that for a good year or so. In short : this proposed film has been a sore scar on manys face. I believe Warner are looking at a spec script called "Lost Boys : Devil May Cry", being pushed in their faces even more by Corey Haim and Corey Feldman - who're now 'best buddies' again and raring to work on something again. I believe they're the two that are trying to get Warner to greenlight it and they made some sort of deal to attend the recent comic convention and promote the DVD if meetings would be arranged to start talking sequel. Last I heard, its out with all the unknowns and back with all the original cast - Patric, Coreys, Kiefer, Wiest etc.... Shame, could've been a great project for a lot of young up and coming talent. Do we really need more Haim/Feldman?
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.