Hot on the heels of that fresh Lost Boys music video, actor Kiefer Sutherland is sorry for popularizing the mullet hairstyle. Sutherland plays the iconic David character in the movie, who has the hairstyle. David was and is still cool, even with his striking white mullet, which director Joel Schumacher really did not like at all and still does not like to this day. Whatever the case may be, Sutherland went for the look after watching some MTV and seeing pop star Billy Idol rocking some bleached white hair. However, Idol's was spikey with no party in the back.

The Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher was into the idea of Kiefer Sutherland's David character having long hair, which makes sense for a movie about vampires. This is also the 80s we're talking about, so it was win/win for everybody involved. The long hair wasn't really the look Kiefer Sutherland was going for though. He explains.

"(Director) Joel Schumacher wanted me to have long hair, and I had long hair at the time and then he wanted it white, a timeless kind of thousand-year-old look. So I dyed it white and my hair was like normally long, like long everywhere. And I just looked like a wrestler! I hated it. And I just thought, 'That's awful.'"

So, where do you go when you want long and short hair all at once? The obvious choice in 1987 was to go to the mullet. Short hair on top and the sides with long flowing locks in the back. This was the compromise that was reached to get The Lost Boys made between Kiefer Sutherland and Joel Schumacher. Sutherland had this to say about his mullet.

"And Billy Idol had just come out... and he looked cool. I mean, he just looked badass. And so I thought, 'Well, he's got white hair. That could look really cool.' But Joel wanted my hair long. And so I actually think I might've been responsible, or at least partially responsible, for creating the mullet. And for that, I'll apologize to the death."

The mullet actually dates back to the sixth century and was made popular again in the 1970s when rock stars like Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and Keith Richards all rocked them. The 1980s came along and it became known as Hockey Hair because a lot of Canadian players started sporting the look, albeit with some missing teeth. It's at this time that the mullet became a teenage metalhead hairstyle, more than likely to keep mom and dad happy with the look straight on, but letting friends know there's some rocking going on in the back.

So, long (back) story short (front), Kiefer Sutherland did not even come close to partially creating the mullet. He did, however, make it popular, even going as far as to influence his Lost Boys co-star Corey Feldman, who rocked a mullet well into the 1990s. Feldman's was more stylized though, which is a story for another time. Regardless, The Lost Boys is a horror classic, so now might be a time to dust it off to perfect your mullet for your costume. The interview with Kiefer Sutherland was originally conducted by Yahoo.