MTV's Jackass crew returns for more stunts and hijinks in their 2nd movie

The boys from Jackass are back - and in a big way! Johnny Knoxville and his crew of dare devils and risk takers re-teamed to make a sequel to their 2002 movie, and continue in the tradition of their TV shows.

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Returning to the big screen are Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Wee Man, Ryan Dunn, (Danger) Ehren McGhehey, and Dave England; and trying to corral them is director Jeff Tremaine. Of course, Johnny's still the leader of the group - even if he doesn't want to admit it.

Some of the stunts they pull off, or attempt to pull off, are sometimes beyond words; after the opening scene, Chris had the distinct honor of having his lower region get bit by a snake. "It wasn't my idea," he said. "My c*ck looked sweet, it was just for me; when they mentioned the idea, it was obvious, like it involved penis."

Not that nearly everything they do is dangerous, but the movie is called Jackass. It's Johnny who really gets into some major predicaments - with bulls. "They're very cooperative when filming; they'll give good footage every time. You've just got to stand there and they'll do the rest."

On another bull trick, Johnny and the guys have a teeter totter in the middle of a bull ring - Johnny won, but with consequences. "When the bulls run out, you don't have time to look around to see who is on the Toro-Totter; I didn't want to lose. Boy, did I win! Oh, my G-d."

Jeff even gets involved on setting up the stunts. "We build these giant, I call them bull guns. Basically, you take a trailer and back it right up to the target and put the target right there and lift the gate up and it's just going to go straight over and smoke him."

'Trust no one' is the key to these guys, cause you never know when someone's going to get you. Wee Man is the prime example; he got nailed on a trick with an electric chair. "They tell us different things when they're waiting to come up to our rooms; and we'd be filming all day, and I just want to go to my room. And you'll be like, 'What's this, what's this?' And then Bam's sitting there laughing, and so I think, 'Ok, this is funny; I'll check it out.'"

And because Wee Man and Preston are such good friends, the crew kept Preston in the dark. "Security took me down to the French Quarter, and got me drunk, cause they didn't want me up there throwing him signals and stuff, like something's going on. Cause, I would have been like, (pulls ears); like, 'Common, something's going on here.' But you don't think, cause you just get caught up in it; at the same time, you're kind of trying to be funny. So you're thinking about the next thing you're going to say; you're not thinking about exactly what's going on. You're thinking about this guy; they did a great just with the card guy, building it up. Cause for weeks they'd be talking about this guy who could throw playing cards through a watermelon, so that started getting in our heads."

You may ask yourself why would you want to put your body through this torture? After countless TV shows, an extremely huge hit movie, why would they want to do more "I love it! I meet all my friends and we travel all over the world, it's what we do. This type of humor is what we do," added Johnny. And that's where the idea for the Jackass sequel came from.

It was Jeff who really got the ball rolling again. "After the first movie, that was it for Jackass; we felt like we left it all out there and did everything we wanted to do and ended that chapter. Then, I started a show called Wildboyz with Chris and Steve-O and that was just so we could travel around; I love animals, I love traveling so we had this little show we were doing just for fun. Knoxville would periodically come with us; he's gone on a few of the trips. The last trip we ever went on for Wildboyz was Russia and he was just so willing to kill himself for the dumbest idea that I pulled him aside and said, 'Hey, if you've really got this in you,' because he clearly did; every day he was up for just the stupidest most dangerous thing. I said, 'Do you really have this in you? Then let's back it off digital cable and do it for a bigger audience.' Johnny didn't warm up to the idea right away so I was like, 'Look, you don't have to one up the last one; all you have to do is be funny, all we have to do is make a funny movie. We don't have to outdo the last one.' Then we both called the guys; me, Knox and Spike (Jonze), we got together and we decided all right."

Getting the rest of the guys back was not a problem; they even came with their own thoughts. One of those is Dave England taking a crap on a miniature bathroom set. "I couldn't piss in front of like my wife, but I could sh*t in front of the whole world; I really like have no problem, I love it. Something is so gratifying for me about having other people just - I get so excited. I love it when I know like celebrities watched it and they're - I'm like, 'They just looked at my shit-they watched it.' Did you see how big my sh*t is on the screen? It's like a truck, like a giant truck of sh*t."

Even Ryan had to compliment Dave on his accomplishments. "He really does love it; he brings the camera to the bathroom with him - who does that? He's like, 'Ah, man I got to go the bathroom.' I understand someone being like, 'You got a magazine?' Imagine someone's at your house like, 'I got to take a crap, you got a camera? I need a camera, I need a camera; it can't be done without documentation.' And then it also transfers over to farts too; I can respect that a fart is funny and the smellier they are the funnier they are."

One of the funniest skits of the whole movie is Johnny Knoxville dressing up as an old man, going out in public with prosthetic balls hanging out of shorts - I don't think I have to explain anymore. Jeff spilled the beans that, "He didn't take those balls off for four days after that; he kept them strapped on."

Johnny explained, "I wore them under my pants; I'd have them on and I'd be shooting pool. I'd be at my friend's house watching TV, and he'd be like, 'You have 'em on, don't you?'"

That set the stage for wheel rolling, fire hose rodeo, anaconda ball pit, and a whole ton of other stunts you'll see in Jackass Number Two. It hits theaters September 22nd; it's rated R.