Frank Oz is the master puppeteer behind iconic Star Wars character Yoda. He has provided the voice since The Empire Strikes Back, along with all of the puppeteering work for the movies that called for it. Oz is even the one responsible for the Jedi Master's unique syntax, which he is known for. Naturally, the world wants to know what Oz thinks of The Mandalorian and the adorable Baby Yoda, aka the Child.

As it turns out, Frank Oz has never seen The Mandalorian. In a recent interview, the 75-year old Oz made it abundantly clear that he really did not want to talk about Star Wars at all. This is understandable since hardcore Star Wars fans can be a bit overbearing at times, but really, what does he think of Baby Yoda? Oz had this to say.

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"I have nothing to do with Baby Yoda. But I heard it's very cute, and I'm sure Disney has a whole plan for it."

While one can't fault Frank Oz for assuming that Disney has big plans for Baby Yoda, they also have to applaud the studio for not pressing forward with an aggressive marketing campaign full of merchandise right off the bat. Instead, they let Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau do their thing and keep their secret, choosing to make merchandise after Baby Yoda was revealed. Oz went on to clarify his remarks in regard to Star Wars and Baby Yoda. He explains.

"I love doing Yoda. The only thing that bothers me is if people think that I only do Yoda. That's not a good feeling."

Star Wars is a global phenomenon, so it has to be hard for Frank Oz to get out from underneath the Yoda shadow. In addition to his work in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away, Oz has worked with The Muppets and even as a successful director. The Dark Crystal, What About Bob?, Little Shop of Horrors, and Bowfinger are just a selection of the man's work over the years. Oz has no problem celebrating Jim Henson and his work, since that's where he was able to get his start, but having Yoda overshadow all of his achievements must get old after a while.

Frank Oz also isn't a huge fan of Disney and has no problem saying so. "Jim was underground. Without Jim's spirit, there's no reason to go on," Oz said when talking about The Muppets under the control of Disney. As for The Dark Crystal Netflix series, Oz was liked it a lot more than he thought he was going to. "I thought it was terrific," he said. "I was so pleasantly surprised. I thought they did it with care, there was a lot of thought behind it, and they opened it up. I was very pleased. They did a great job." The interview with Frank Oz was originally conducted by IndieWire.