Robert Rodriguez says that Pedro Pascal reminds him of Harrison Ford. The director was able to work with Pedro Pascal on The Mandalorian and Netflix's We Can Be Heroes, which was just released. Pascal can be seen in the two aforementioned projects, along with Wonder Woman 1984, where he plays the villainous Maxwell Lord. The long-awaited sequel is currently in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

Robert Rodriguez was more than happy to direct an episode of The Mandalorian. "It was great to take a little break, go play with all the Star Wars toys and then come back and apply what I learned there to We Can Be Heroes, because they have a lot of cutting-edge technologies and techniques. I think this movie really benefited from side projects like that and Alita," says the director. Both projects allowed him to work with Pedro Pascal, who reminds the director of Harrison Ford. Rodriguez explains.

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"He reminds me of Harrison Ford in a way, he's like this everyman type guy. He can be funny, he can be really intense, he can be very heroic, but in We Can Be Heroes he kind of has to be a dweebish dad where it's just all about him and his daughter. He played that really well and was then also able to become this superhero. He can be very human and warm. In The Mandalorian he does a similar type of thing but with that heart. But he can play intense too. He's got a wide range."

Pedro Pascal is getting rave reviews for his performance in We Can Be Heroes, which Robert Rodriguez completely understands. "He reminds me of some of my favorite actors that I have worked with before like George Clooney," says the director. "That's why he's got such a big career right now. People can see that he's very much able to do 180 degrees in any direction." Pascal is all over everywhere at the moment and it seems like he can do no wrong.

As for making The Mandalorian and We Can Be Heroes, the process couldn't be more different from each other. "The Mandalorian is wonderful because you've got such a great big crew and they all know what they are doing and it's a well-oiled machine. Jon Favreau is there, Dave Filoni is there, so I can just go in and direct," says Robert Rodriguez. However, on his own project, most of the decision making is all left to him.

Robert Rodriguez was able to bring back Boba Fett to the Star Wars universe, which is something that he did not take lightly. The bounty hunter was one of his childhood favorites, so he felt a lot of pressure to deliver the goods to some of those fans who have been waiting nearly 40 years to see what happened to the character. From the looks of things, he was able to achieve his goal. You can check out the rest of the interview with Rodriguez over at Den of Geek.