Star Wars cosplay has been stepped up. Baby Mandalorian was brought to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge by his father and people were freaking out. The little dude is dressed in a pretty amazing costume from The Mandalorian as the hero and he's carrying around his very own Baby Yoda (more on that later). While visiting the Star Wars area of Disneyland, Baby Mando was approached by Kylo Ren and The First Order. Thankfully, there is video of the awesome moment.

Din Djarin is the hero of The Mandalorian, though he obviously has a sketchy past. But, Baby Mando seems to be into the idea of joining The First Order, at least he does in the video. Maybe he wants to spy on them. One can easily tell that the Disneyland cast members were really impressed with Baby Mando and his costume that his dad built for him. The recruitment routine at Disneyland is one of the more entertaining aspects of the new area of the park, which is set to open the new Rise of the Resistance ride tomorrow, January 17th.

The First Order recruitment of Baby Mando gathered a huge crowd of people taking photos and video. One of the commonly asked questions about the video is where Baby Mando got his Baby Yoda. Just like his epic costume, his father constructed Baby Yoda too, so don't expect to find the incredibly detailed toy on the shelves any time soon. The official Baby Yoda merchandise won't be available until May, which could very well kick off Baby Yoda fever once more after dominating the holiday season and taking over the meme game for a solid month.

Baby Mando's recruitment video and other images have earned him quite the following on social media. He was even invited to come out to this year's Star Wars Celebration, which could find him face to face with Jon Favreau and maybe even The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal. Whatever the case may be, it doesn't look like the little dude is able to walk around without people mobbing him for photos, so if you see him in public, remember that he's just a little patient kid under all of that armor.

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The Mandalorian has brought Star Wars fans together in a feat that seemed impossible even months before the show's premiere. With the show getting so big so fast, Disney was not able to cash in on the Baby Yoda fever, but they will in just a few months. With that being said, season 2 is on the way and one can't help but wonder if we'll see some Mando involvement at Galaxy's Edge in an official capacity. If someone were to walk around with a legit Baby Yoda animatronic puppet, fans would more than likely lose their minds. You can check out the video of Baby Mando getting recruited by The First Order below, thanks to Logan Winter's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick