It sounds like we're going to be getting some serious lightsaber action in The Mandalorian season 2. This, according to star Giancarlo Esposito, who we'll be seeing more of in the show's sophomore effort. We met Esposito's character, Moff Gideon, in the season 1 finale, but he's coming back and next time, he'll be putting the Darksaber to use.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 1. The final episode of the show's inaugural season sees Mando and Baby Yoda escape from Moff Gideon. However, he's not dead, as he emerges from his crashed Tie Fighter by cutting away a section of the ship with the Darksaber, which viewers of The Clone Wars and Rebels will be familiar with. During an appearance at Fan Expo Vancouver recently, Giancarlo Esposito teased that he'll be using the weapon again in season 2. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"The prop guys are wondering about me because I was in a bit of a commotion and a bit of a struggle with someone else, which I'm hoping you will enjoy when you see it. Major, major, epic, epic lightsaber action happening on this show, and I should mention that I'm the only character in this first season who was able to be honored with having that lightsaber. So it feels wonderful."

Indeed, The Mandalorian, as far as Star Wars goes, was very lightsaber light in season 1. According to Giancarlo Esposito, that won't be the case in season 2. The question now becomes, who else will be brandishing a lightsaber. The Child, who still doesn't have a name, is a member of the same species as Yoda. Perhaps we'll meet more of them, some of whom will have lightsabers? The actor was asked about the possibility of clashing sabers with Baby Yoda, which he was quick to shoot down.

"Well, no way. [Laughs]. It ain't gonna happen, baby! Anything is possible, and you keep watching. Because although the baby has some incredible power, without having to wield the Darksaber, I think the baby is so curious about what this is. So you will be enthused and inspired when you see the scene I'm referring to in Season 2, which is to come in October. Keep watching."

Little is known about season 2 currently. The show left off with Mando and Baby Yoda making their way off in the Razor Crest to unknown destinations in the galaxy. The series was renewed for a second season before it debuted on Disney+ last year, which signaled the confidence that the company had in the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show.

Jon Favreau returns as executive producer/writer for the second season. It was revealed recently that The Mandalorian season 2 will debut in October, but no specific release date has been locked down yet. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news was previously reported by

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