It's happening tomorrow. The Mandalorian Season 2 finale! And fans are beyond psyched as they ponder the trillion expectations and questions the finale needs to solve- will Mando manage to rescue Baby Grogu, is the little guy actually evil, is Boba Fett really not on the side of the Empire anymore and what not. And the biggest question since Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan's debut had been whether another familiar and fan-favourite Mandalorian, Sabine Wren, would also make her live-action appearance on the show. But as per a pretty plausible fan theory, it appears that she has been in the show all along and is hiding in plain sight.

[Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Season 2]

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The said theory appeared on Reddit and based its claims not just on mere speculation but some rock-solid evidence as well. The Redditor claims that the "saviour", i.e., Sabine Wren was introduced halfway through the season and has appeared not once but thrice in the story- it is the anonymous Comms Officer on Moff Gideon's ship

She first appeared in Episode 4, "The Siege," and monitored the placing of a tracking beacon in Mando's gunship, the formidable Razor Crest. Anyone who is familiar with Star Wars "style" knows that Empire officers, staff members, and the troopers never get any limelight. They are just their as fodder whose one job is to drop dead at the right time. But this episode saw this particular officer getting many dialogues and even face-time with Moff Gideon himself as she proudly announced how the tracking beacon has been snuck into Mando's ship thus allowing them to know about his whereabouts all the time. 

If it had been a one-off occurrence, then it would have been easier to forget but in the subsequent episodes, she appeared again and has been the only one on Gideon's ship who actually talks instead of just walking around in the background. In fact, in the episode, "The Tragedy," she was the one leading/coordinating the Dark Troopers sent to the ruins of the Jedi Temple to nab Grogu

She was also a part of the latest episode, "The Believer," where even the star of The Mandalorian Baby Yoda didn't get to appear as the episode was basically all Mando. Towards the end, after the Mandalorian gets his hands on the coordinates to Gideon's location, he sent a threatening message, warning his nemesis to either hand over The Child or face the consequences. Any guesses for who plays the message for Gideon-- the female Comms officer, of course. 

It's beyond uncanny for a mere Empire officer to get so many dialogues, to be given ample screen time whenever Gideon's ship is seen, all the while playing a major role in Grogu's kidnapping. 

And perhaps the biggest giveaway is the fact that the yet-to-be-named character is played by the actor, Katy O'Brian, who is a trained martial artist. She is majorly known for her action-oriented roles in series like Black Lightning and Z Nation. It makes one wonder why would such a skilled actor be chosen to play a character that is just supposed to take orders from a higher authority and maintain a serious expression.  

But that's not all as the theory posits another evidence to support its points- O'Brian's appearance in a recently released, but not very popular podcast, the Pink Milk Podcast. Towards the end of the chat, one of the hosts slyly put forwards the possibility that her character in The Mandalorian looks like it could be a double agent. The actor didn't deny the idea and called it "creative," stating that "if that were the ending, there's no way I would be able to tell you that."

But curiously enough, the said fan theory has now been deleted even as scores of Star Wars fans commented how solid the theory is. That definitely makes us ponder if the theory holds water- did it actually predict the ending? Even if O'Brian doesn't really fit the iconic characteristics of Sabine Wren, her part in the series is definitely brewing to be much more than just being a mere Comms officer. Meanwhile, though the theory has been deleted, the comments below it paint more than the exact picture. You can check it out here