Teen Yoda is a bit of a jerk in The Mandalorian animated sitcom parody. We've already seen Baby Groot morph into teenage Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which is pretty similar to what this new spoof on the hit Disney+ series is doing. However, Teen Yoda is a bit more hardcore than Groot as he skateboards, vapes, and breaks eggs on Din Djarin's helmet. In other words, Teen Yoda is pretty entertaining and Star Wars fans will more than likely find the humor in it.

In The Mandalorian sitcom parody, Din Djarin is the adopted father of Teen Yoda, who looks like his bounty hunting days are behind him. He has packed on some pounds and comes home from the grocery store to an upset Teen Yoda, who has black hair covering one eye and a nose piercing. It's evident that Teen Yoda still has to be isolated and protected, which he does not enjoy one bit, and he makes sure that his father knows about it every chance he gets.

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Things come to a head during band practice, where a version of Max Rebo can be seen laying down some keyboards. The band plays too loud and Din Djarin has to interrupt. Heated words are exchanged, which leads to The Mandalorian sitcom lesson. It's clever and well done with crude animation, along with near-perfect voice acting for the Teen Yoda character. Since it's a sitcom, it has a catchy theme song and an audience laugh track too, which also adds to the humorous vibe that the parody has going for it.

The Mandalorian season 1 introduced the world to Baby Yoda, aka the Child, as a surprise at the end of episode 1. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, along with the entire cast and crew, were able to keep the secret the entire time and not even the most hardcore Star Wars devotee knew what was coming. Ever since then, Baby Yoda has become a cultural phenomenon that has not lost any popularity or even seen any backlash since debuting last November. His popularity is surging all over again as a lot of the Baby Yoda merchandise is finally available after being pre-ordered months ago.

Along with the merchandise is the fact that The Mandalorian season 2 is on the way. With most of the entertainment industry shut down, the crew is working around the clock from home in an effort to deliver the highly anticipated second season on time this October. So far, the outlook seems positive, which is pretty amazing considering just how crazy current events have been over the past several weeks. Hopefully we'll have the first footage from the season by the end of this summer. In the meantime, you can check out the adventures of Teen Yoda and Din Djarin above, thanks to the AOK YouTube channel.