The Good

The WWE keeps cranking highly implausible, high octane explosion fests!

The Bad

This movie is about as original as toothpaste.Marine Sergeant Joe Linwood (Ted DiBiase) is taking a vacay from his rough lifestyle with his wife Robin. They head to a luxurious exotic resort for some fun in the sun. Well, things get up-ended when a band of terrorists crash their party and take a bunch of hostages. When Robin gets caught up in this, Linwood suddenly has to eschew the fun and kick some major ass.

On his own, he pulls out all the stops using every ounce of his marine training and fortitude to bring these bad guys to justice, and to bring Robin back to his loving arms. (I can't believe I just wrote that line. -M'10) However, this isn't all... these terrorists have a nasty plan afoot and it's up to Linwood stop an international war from breaking out.

Okay... if you have read my summation of the film above it shouldn't suprise you that this Blu-ray disc has absolutely no originality. There is a solid amount of action and eye candy, but all in all The Marine 2 ything we haven't seen before.


Behind the Scenes Featurettes:

The following featurettes are available on this release:

- Village Virtuoso: The Final Fight

- The Last Resort: Inside the Terrorists Siege

- Building a Legacy: Ted's Story

These featurettes, like the film, are the same retread-like material that we have seen before. Some of them look at various aspects of certain scenes that were shot in this movie. I bypassed these as I was more interested in the Building a Legacy featurette. Here we get to find out who Ted DiBiase is. His dad is a former WWF wrestler and from what I recall we was pretty good. Ted Jr. seems to be carrying the mantle well. He is well spoken, fun, and brings a certain amount of charm to this character. That said, there really isn't too much more to say. Of all the featurettes on this release, I would suggest checking this one out.

Deleted and Extended Scenes


1.85:1 - Widescreen. 50 GB Dual Layer. AVC @ 22 MBPS. This movie looked really good on Blu-ray D. It is filled with a lot of explosions and fight scenes and all of these seems to have been handled well. I never got the feeling that I was watching a movie that didn't have a long life in the theater. In fact, I don't ever recall that this movie was released but apparently it was in 2009. As this movie is set in an exotic resort, it had its fair share of island colors. There are a lot of blues and greens with a decent amount of this movie taking place in an overcast setting. That said, director Roel Reine and his director of Photography Joost Van Starrenburg have done their level best to capture all of the proceedings excitement.


English 5.1 DTS-HD - Master Audio. Spanish, French and Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital. English SDH. Subtitled in Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese and Mandarin. The audio on this film is as big (and contained) as the picture. I found there to be a solid amount of depth to the soundtrack even though it wasn't used to get into the characters heads. The audio essentially follows the action in the film but I felt that it was really well layered. It had a thickness that engulfed the room I watched the film in, and actually allowed me to get into this movie a little bit more.


Ted DiBiase flys across this Blu-ray cover with his gun pointed in the air and explosions happening all around him. The back features 7 images from this movie, a small description of what it is about, a Special Features listing, credits list and technical specs.

Final Word

A rip-roaring, action packed explosion fest that doesn't really do anything to expand the genre of action movies at all. The Marine 2 is a solidly crafted Blu-laser beam that does its best just to do its best.