Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to the Ray Bradbury short story collection The Martian Chronicles.

John Davis will produce the adaptation, although a screenwriter hasn't been chosen to adapt the stories quite yet. Ray Bradbury's series debuted in the 1940s and centered on a group of humans who were trying to colonize Mars. There were three separate stories told within the collection: the Martians trying to fight off the humans, the colonization of Mars, and the nuclear war that resulted in their efforts.

The Martian Chronicles was adapted by NBC and the BBC into a 1980 mini-series starring Rock Hudson and written by I Am Legend author Richard Matheson. Universal tried in 1997 to make a feature film from the collected works, but that never came to fruition. Universal's rights expired earlier this year, and Paramount has now acquired them.

No production schedule was revealed for The Martian Chronicles