The Good

The humor and the statements this show makes are just as relevant today as they were when this show aired in the 1970s.

The Bad

No extras.

There is something about seeing a single woman search for the right man, the right job and basically the right life that makes for good TV. Shows like Sex and the City, which cover much the same ground that The Mary Tyler Moore Show did, show us that this noble quest that both sexes go through will forever keep audiences watching. Why this is is certainly open to debate but I think a big part of it is the fact that these people, whose lives we inevitably become involved in, will never be satisfied with what they are getting. This isn’t to say that they settle, but I think TV is such an elongated medium that we can see people get close to where they want to be but most likely never get all the way there. Having twenty or so episodes in a season lends itself to extending out this process.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Complete Third Season very much embodies this idea. Whether we are seeing Mary try and take care of her parents, or be set up by Rhoda’s boyfriend, or even seeing her interact with Rhoda, we know that this is woman who wants something simple but is almost always going to have her situation either messed up or confused. Yet, even though we know this, we still watch because we see so much ourselves in the character, and we don’t have to go through all the mess in our own lives.


No extras came with this DVD set.


Full Frame - 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio. This show doesn’t have the washed out look that so many TV shows from the 1970s have. In fact, it seems to be a hybrid between the new use of color and the washed out look that so many other sitcoms would later employ. It doesn’t look at all like the source that was used to create these discs was in anyway not kept up. In fact, I think that the way the picture was compressed again plays in role in why these shows look how they do.


Dolby Digital 5.1 - Language: English Mono - Subtitled in English and Spanish - Close Captioned. I had an interesting experience with these discs. I tried them on my normal AMW DVD player and the audio was completely out of synch with the picture. Then I went and used another Proscan DVD player and everything played fine. So, I decided to do my review on that. I can’t account for the initial problem that I had, but based on the Proscan viewing experience, I think they have bumped up the sound in someway. The audio was very fresh and this played into how much of a good time I had watching these episodes.


Marty Tyler Moore, clad in a white dress, sits on a white M which dominates this front cover. The back features a shot of Ted Knight planting a much too enthusiastic kiss on Moore’s cheek. There is a description of what the show is about and a technical specs listing. All three discs that make up this set are housed in their own slim, plastic cases. The front cover of each disc has the same cover as the main cover that houses the three cases. On the back of them is an episode index and a description of the episodes that pertain to those discs.

Final Word

I was really impressed with how well done this show is. All the characters seem to have been perfectly cast. It’s very much like a Seinfeld situation. I don’t think I could see anybody else other than Ed Asner in the role of Lou. Or, could there have been another actress other than Valerie Harper in the role of Rhoda? Maybe..., but for the sake of this review I am glad that there wasn’t. I just loved the back and forth banter between all the characters, and I especially loved how The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Complete Third Season made me feel.

Every scene I saw I felt was laced with anticipation. You knew you were going to be fed a joke, but they were never easy. Considering the subject matter that was broached, I find this all the more impressive.

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