Patton Oswalt went on a pretty epic rant in regards to The Matrix. The comedian sat down with Joe Rogan to promote his Netflix stand-up special I Love Everything when the two started to go down the rabbit hole. Obviously, Rogan is into just about any conspiracy theories that are floating around out there and loves to discuss them with his guests. However, Oswalt took a sharp left turn when ranting about The Matrix and our own reality in 2020.

According to Patton Oswalt, we've been watching The Matrix and rooting for the wrong character for over 20 years now. Joe Rogan was the one who brought up the hit movie, which stars Keanu Reeves. He went on to admit that one of his wilder thoughts about our current events involves artificial intelligence calling the shots, bringing us all "deeper into the hive." This was the only spark that Oswalt needed. He explains.

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"What if the AI knows that eventually it does have to unplug us and let us see that we're in the protein pods? 'That's going to freak them out, so let's make this fake reality so f***ing insane and awful. We'll have Trump be president. We'll have this virus.'"

The Matrix finds Keanu Reeves' Neo character as he breaks free from the simulation and goes on to fight against the machines in a real-life dystopian future. However, Neo might not be the hero everybody has made him out to be, says Patton Oswalt. "There's a very strong case to be made for Cypher's character, like, 'No. Plug me the f*** back into this,'" Oswalt said. Actor Joe Pantoliano played Cypher, who took the red pill in order to remain in the simulation. Oswalt went on and had this to say.

"'I'm nude with atrophied muscles, hairless in a jagged wasteland of radioactive slag, or I can be in this world where I have a nice job, where I eat a steak and marry someone. Can I just live in this - I am fine with it. Morpheus, who the f*** are you helping?! Why are you dragging us out?! The machines aren't trying to kill us.'"

Patton Oswalt brings up a good point, but are we all really living in some twisted version of The Matrix? There have been conspiracy theorists long before the 1999 movie and well before Joe Rogan questioning our reality in relation to artificial intelligence. Oswalt concluded his rant by looking at it through the perspective of the machines. You can read what he had to say below.

"'And by the way, you guys f***ed up the earth. We're doing the best we can for you guys. We could have just let you all die in the wasteland, but instead, we found a way so that you can live... People always miss that line where [Agent] Smith (Hugo Weaving) says, 'You know, when we first did the Matrix, it was just flat-out paradise, and you guys couldn't handle that and you rejected it.' ... Probably the first version of the Matrix, everybody could fly and orgasms lasted three months and you could just eat all the chocolate you wanted. And people were like, 'No! I want a goddamn cubical job!' And the machines went, 'OK. I guess they want cubicles. Give 'em that. We tried to be nice.'"

Patton Oswalt and Joe Rogan went way into The Matrix, but ultimately ended up with a humorous conversation about The Matrix movie. Oswalt can pretty much riff on any topic, especially when it comes to sci-fi and comic books, so this really wasn't too much of a surprise, though it's always entertaining to see where his mind will take him next. You can watch the segment above, thanks to the JRE Clips YouTube page.